thecrowandthebutterfly: Do you know what happened to Morgan from BGC Miam's twitter page?

No, sorry :( I didn’t follow her to notice anything

Does anyone know if she just deleted it, or?

Answered: July 3, 2014
Anonymous: If bgc12 didn't have life coaches and it still continued the bgc3-bgc11 concept (it doesnt involve improving in life/actions) how do you think this season would turn out to be? Do you think it would be worse than season 11 if there this season wasn't about improving in life?

I don’t think anything could be worse than season 11. I kinda think the season would predominantly be the same, but maybe a little more hectic. I mean, Britt doesnt even acknowledge forreal that she has a problem, Alex’s problem deals with her homelife, not necessarily her BGC household activity, Aysia’s problems are just making her presence known and Jonica’s problems are with commitment. Many of the conflicts that are being brought up with the life coach arent direct behavioral problems that deal with the BGC household, but their personal lives, hence life coach. I may be speaking ignorantly from here on because I didn’t get a chance to view last night’s episode, so based on last week and prior, Redd seems like the only one relaxing a little bit and drawing back from the nonsense, especially in the altercation with Jada and Britt.  So I dont think it would be worse than s11, but I dont think the house in general would be extremely different if the life coach wasnt there.

Answered: July 3, 2014
Anonymous: What's ur opinion on Linsey? BQ: do you think Aysia and Linsey would be friends if they were on the show together?

Linsey was crazy as hell and needs Jesus.

And I dont think they would have been friends, but I dont think they wouldn’t have either. Kind of like how Linsey was with Blu, just living together in the same house. Linsey was very prone to conflict, so Aysia may have been annoyed with her though.

Answered: July 2, 2014


And still, everyone blames Aysia for telling the truth, but not Jonica?! Are you serious? Jonica blatantly lied to her girlfriend multiple times, and it caught up to her, yet Aysia is the one that’s apparently at fault because she’s “messy” and is supposed to know her role as the “side bitch.”

If anything, this shows that lesbian relationships can be just as misogynistic as a straight relationship. Sooo stupid!

And thank god, just as I was about to post this, Alex showed that she’s the only one with any brains and sees how stupid this is.


Britt, stop talking shit, just be about it

Please stop talking about what you should and what you gonna do and just fucking do it, damn.

And you constantly say “you don’t care” about what goes on, why are you always so damn consumed with what Jada is doing? You obviously care a little bit boo. Jada can’t take a shit without you saying something about her being wack or lame, dang. If you feel shes wack, let her be wack. Don’t nit pick at her every action, dang.


No matter who we hate or who we don’t like throughout this season, I’m just glad we can all agree that we all like Jonica


I still don’t like Britt’s bitch ass,