IDK ya'll, I'm kind of siding with Judi on this.


Julie and Danni haven’t done anything to take her away from drinking. In fact, it seems like all they’ve done is stress her out even more so that she continues to drink. That conversation with Rocky was clearly liquor-induced with the amount of slurred words Rocky managed to get out. :P


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cnmslut: Why do you rep nat Sarah and Judi based on the show? Just asking. I can't fuck with Judi this season n I was a fan! Her attitude is disgusting I feel like she feels as long as Natalie's her friend she don't give a fuck who she came with so unloyal. I don't judge any off the show besides Judi she's so annoying on twitter and fake hate how she says she was clean n then didn't last a month. She truly has a problem and doesn't care

Well according to Judi, Sarah & Natalie, most of what was done on BGC Redemption was solely for the check. Natalie admitted that the only reason she was there was because Oxygen promised to promote her book and whatnot so she wanted the free publicity. I dont know if this is true since I don’t know any of them personally, but Judi said that the more she “drank” the more she got paid since her signature behavior from s7 was acting like that. But they claim and others that have met them during casting for Bad Boys Club that their attitudes take a complete 180 when its not BGC related. And I rep Natalie Sarah and Judi because they went in being my faves. I just adore Sarah, she entertains me, is successful, and gorgeous in my opinion, and doesn’t take shit from anyone.  Natalie is definitely the most successful bad girl out of all of the girls on BGC (and if you deny it, you’re a flat out hater) and I respect that about her. I love a woman thats about her business and family, which she is. Yes, shes a character too, but its tolerable.  I used to not like Judi because I felt that she had so much potential and wasted it only partying and being crazy, but she started getting into business, acting, and she did some nursing work for a while, which I respect.  She may have a supposed drinking problem, but at the end of the day she is truly genuine.

And at the end of the day, you need to remember that Julie can’t keep friends to begin with (Falen, Mehgan and her squashed their beef for the most part but still dont fuck with each other, etc) because shes just a manipulating bitch that talks shit. I feel like once Julie got back into the BGC atmosphere (especially since BGC production likes to influence them to add drama to the show for extra pay), she may have shown some true colors that Judi didn’t like. Once again, I dunno, I wasn’t there. 

And also, I love how Sarah, Natalie and Judi ended up becoming the closest out of all of the girls and those were the ones that were saying “I could never see myself being friends with them”. It was just a cute turn out to me.

Wow, I feel like I just wrote a novel lmao. 

I cannot stand Camilla for the life of me

Didnt like her on s8 & i still dont like the bitch now.

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Judi has really grown on me,

I just adore her, even if she does have a problem.
Problems can be fixed

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i can see now, the only girls on redemption im going to fuck with heavy are Sarah, Natalie & Judi

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After BGC13 was done filming…




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