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Anonymous: Rocky is going to school to be a nurse still, yes. Meanwhile, Sarah fucks married men for money. How's that something to be proud of? It's not about how much you have it's how you get it.

That was a reference to how Shannon made the comment “Get your bread up” as if Sarah and Natalie are actually BROKE. If you are attempting to diss someone based off of their income, make sure that the income of the person you diss is LOWER than the income of the person you are trying to uplift. Otherwise you are dissing your friend too, thats what i’m getting at.

And is Sarah the first one to fuck a married man? I’m not saying its right by any means, but don’t point out a flaw that numerous people have done as if she’s the first to do it.

I can understand that Shannon is sticking up for Rocky

But these girls are kinda delusional. Peoplea re acting like Rocky actually does something productive. Yes, shes in school now, wait is she still even in school? Shannon is talking about “Get your bread up”, the only one she may say that about is Judi but thats only because I dont follow Judi too much to know her life forreal. Natalie and Sarah got money out of the ass, & Natalie is DEFINITELY more successful than Rocky in every aspect of life. Shannon is also talking about “trying to get followers from hating”, uhm people (especially those that dont follow BGC) KNOW Natalie Nunn and even possibly Judi way before they will know Rocky. Im just saying.

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No wonder im having so many aches and pains before 21, cause its considered old & close to menopause to be in your late 20s


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"This is for sending me home on All Star Battle"
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