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annye0ngbitch: I was in the Shannon sarich tag and I saw your post about her being fake and I just wanna say THANK YOU SOO MUCH, I never understood how she was fake, she just was really nice to them, like she said kill them with kindness, Alicia and forheadtina was flip flopping every week, talking down to her, all types of shit, and Shannon kept her cool, and Stephanie non existent ass was talking about thugging in the confessionals. When she did more thugging than anyone, and everything Shannon said was true

Thank you

(: it just seems like whenever people need a reason to justify hate, its “fake”.
Answered: March 23, 2014
pr0tist: Why is BGASB getting cancelled?


Who knows what’s going on at this point. If they are canceling it, probs cuz they don’t want to keep giving $$$

Answered: March 21, 2014

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& then people wonder why I don’t do pre-season faves.

I learned my lesson with s9, lmao

If i see one more post anywhere dissing Sarah for sending Rocky home ill probably scream

I hope people don’t downplay Tiana’s win either because of Rocky.

I had the strongest feeling Tiana was going to win too!